NICF – Natural Language Processing (NLP) with Python for Beginners

NICF – Natural Language Processing (NLP) with Python for Beginners TGS-2020505109


UEN/Foreign Entity Number: 201200696W

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Course Objectives

Course Objectives: Learners will be able to implement natural language processing (NLP) models for text processing task Learning Outcomes: By end of the course, learners should be able to - identify the tasks associated with natural language processing (NLP) - perform text representation using word embedding - perform language processing and modeling - build text classification using machine learning - determine strategies to enhance memory networks

Course Content

Topic 1 Overview of NLP and Deep Learning Overview of NLP Applications of NLP Deep Learning Approach to NLP Basics of Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) Install Python Packages for NLP – Scikit Learn, Tensorflow, NLTK, Spacy, Gensim Topic 2 Word Embedding Overview of Word Embedding Word Embedding Models Pre-trained Word Embedding Models Topic 3 Language Modeling Tokenization and Stop Words Stemming & Lemmatizing Part of Speech & Parsing Named Entities Recognition (NER) Extraction Language Modeling with n-gram and RNN Pre-trained Language Models Topic 4 Text Classification Text Feature Engineering Text Processing Pipeline Text Classification Topic 5 Overview of Attention Mechanism Encoder-Decoder Models Attention Mechanism to Memory Networks

Course Key Information

Eligible for Claim Period 10 Oct 2020 - 14 Aug 2022
Supporting Public AgencySkillsFuture Singapore (SSG)
Training Duration16 hours
Mode of Training Full Time and Part Time
Course Language English
Min. Qualification RequiredNot Specified
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