Understanding how e-Commerce drive Business Innovation within Supply Chains (AOP)

Understanding how e-Commerce drive Business Innovation within Supply Chains (AOP) TGS-2021006178


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Course Objectives

Learning Outcomes meeting the Business Innovation framework Describe the 4th Industrial Revolution, focusing on Digitization, Digitalization andDigital Transformation impacting the business (K2, A3) Defi ne eCommerce (EC) and describe emerging innovative models (K1) Describe the drivers of EC and its benefi ts to individuals, organizations and societies Discover the trends, opportunities and challenges of EC in innovating your business (A2) Discuss social computing and emerging technologies available for adoption Compare your organization business models with industry leaders and its impact on your organization’s overall operations (A1) List and describe the concerns and limitations of EC Conduct costs-benefi ts analysis of EC models and its viability for your business(K3, A4) Implement viable innovative business model and list the key success factors (K4, A5)

Course Content

This module introduces what e-Commerce is about along with the various trendsthat are shapping it and the various opportunities companies can leverage on such as its effects on effi ciency, speed, customer service and cost which makes e-Commerce an effective mode of business. The module will also look at how the pandemic has heightened the need and urgency for e-Commerce capabilities for many businesses and the impact of e-Commerce on traditional supply chain processes from procurement and manufacturing to last mile delivery.

Course Key Information

Eligible for Claim Period 28 Jun 2021 - 30 Jun 2023
Supporting Public AgencySkillsFuture Singapore (SSG)
Training Duration4 hours
Course Language English
Min. Qualification RequiredNot Specified

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