6 Principles of Learning Design

02 - 02 Jun, 2021 This is a virtual event. Singapore

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6 Principles of Learning Design Conducted by industry practitioners in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning (ML) and CET industry, this workshop promises to be authentic and practical with sharing on industry examples to stimulate new thought processes for work and business. With a dearth of sharing on AI for learning and engagement purposes, learners will appreciate the contextualization of the AI concepts presented in this workshop. Learning for and at work changes the role of educators. With the workplace influx from dynamically changing organisational practices and global, as well as technological developments, adult educators are also having to constantly evolve their practice to ensure their craft keeps ahead of learning challenges. This not only involves understanding who the learners are and how they learn, but also designing and facilitation learning that reflects the complexities and nuances of work, and development of abilities that enable learners to thrive in the broader uncertain and changing conditions. The growing emphasis on soft skills in response to a dynamically changing environment, in the hope that the learners would then be in a better position to cope and deal with the changes, does not alone meet current and future challenges.

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