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Intelligent Business 5.0: Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Organisation Excellence in Cognitive Era

   22 Jul, 2021    09:00 AM - 06:00 PM This is a virtual event. Singapore

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Intelligent Business 5.0: Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Organisation Excellence in Cognitive Era.

The global pandemic is a catalyst that accelerated the adoption of digital strategies and technologies in businesses. While many are still grappling with digital transformation, some are already charting their evolution blueprint to move forward from Industrial 4.0 to Intelligent Business 5.0 in the cognitive era, powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Against all odds during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Alibaba led more than 60,000 small and medium-sized industrial enterprises in Guangdong province to operate in 20 intelligent manufacturing belts by undergoing digital transformation with AI integration. Join us in our fourth edition of the Alibaba Global Course series (AGCs) to gain a deep understanding of the concepts behind Intelligent Business. Learn from Alibaba’s top practitioners as they share their experiences and impart actionable strategies and tips for you to future-proof your business in the digital world of the cognitive AI era. The webinar will be conducted in Mandarin.

续2018 年新加坡零售管理学院和阿里巴巴商学院史无前例 2,300 人的大会开启了新加坡数码时代的换道超车。2021年,本次线上讲座将为您开启一场为当下巨变时代向智数大陆迁徙的伟大旅程。未来十年全球数码转型最重要一环-创新,创业和创企业之优-是数码化孪生智慧基础重构,切换和跳跃的智慧商业新生态再造。 阿里巴巴在2020年的全球疫情艰难时刻,引领6万多家大中小企业在广东经营20 个智慧枢纽带的数码化蜕变; 从工业4.0到智慧商业5.0智慧数码化转型, 从旧思路的智能操作到破局的智数新生态。当大家还在波澜壮阔又充满高风险 (时间和资源投入)的数码化转型新大陆航海中,《启迪智数时代》线上讲座让你站在桅杆顶遥望; 成为第一个发现新大陆智慧商业变局的背景需求,组织,战略推演的内在逻辑和趋势。线上讲座将以中文进行。

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